Funny wildlife experience in Tibet

Most of the animals I saw in Tibet are actually nomadic animals like yak, horse, sheep and mastiff. But since most of them are in a half wild living status, I still put them into the wildlife category.

Before going to Tibet, I thought the most fierce animal there would be the yaks and most docile ones would be the horses. I was very wrong. The yaks are absolutely friendly, they wondering around our camp, stand right in front of my tent, watch me and my camera with those big curious eyes. I even entertained a sweet corn to a female yak and her little calf.

My most dangerous experience came from photo-shooting a horse family. I was in a safety distance with the female horse because she is held by a rope and the little pony is sticking to the mother. But I didn't notice that there is a male horse not far away and I have to back off without taking my camera when he ran towards me to drive me away from his family.

After a very intense confrontation. The male horse finally went back to his family to comfort them, then he went to my camera and sniff it with curiosity. It was a very precious moment, but when I took up my second camera, he ran away before I can press the shutter. I missed the shot of the golden moment. I guess that's why wildlife photography is so attractive, because of all the unexpected experience, the excitement and the fleeting moment.

There is another time I have to run with full speed at a plateau when the altitude is nearly 5000m. I was chased by a mastiff when I was taking photo near a Tibetan tent. I was surprised that I won the race in the end. Or maybe the dog just lost interest after it kicked me out of his territory. I have to ask my local guide to take back my camera and tripod for me. He told me that I shouldn't run. But when I saw that dog almost same size as a lion, barking and running towards me, every single cell in my body just scream "run" !

Anyway, these are my funny experience when taking animal photos in Tibet. If one day you are going there, I would recommend you bring a sweet corn for the yak, keep some distance with the horse, and don't go near a mastiff without accompany of a local guide.

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