Goji Island - the mysterious fishing village in East China

Giji Island

Most Chinese people know this island because it was once rich in goji berry. But most photographers know this island because the famous British Daily Mail has once rated a small village in this island to be one of the 28 most beautiful places in the world.

That small village was well known by the local people as the abandoned village. Due to it is far away from the port and surrounded by mountains on three sides, the villagers gradually moved out and leave that village to the ivy, which creates a scenery you could only dream in fairytale: in summer time, the lush green ivy covered the whole village with green leaves, a paradise that photographers cannot ask for more.

It takes about 5 hours by shuttle bus and ship to transport from China's most modern metropolis Shanghai to this small and quite island in its east. Life here is simple and peaceful. There are only a few ships landing from outside world every day. Most local people makes a living by fishing. There are continuous floating balls in the harbors everywhere. A large number of mussels are cultured in the sea below these floating balls. From far away it looks just like pearl necklaces on blue velvet.

May, June and July are the no-fishing period on the island. Lots of fishing boats docked at the port for maintenance. At this time, it happened to be in the summer vacation of the school, so many local villagers converted their homes into a homestay and recruited family tourists who comes to travel on the island.

For most of the tourists, this island is just a small place for a 2 or 3 day vocation. The homestay is very “basic”, food here is mostly fish. There is no excited entertainment at all. But for photographers, especially landscape photographer and documentary photographers, this place is like a treasure box with all surprises the waiting for discovery.

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