7 tips for photo shooting flowers and leaves

1. Find the light.

When shooting leaves against the light, there will be very clear veins. They will make even the most ordinary leaves look like a painting.

2. Find the shadow

There are a lot of sayings about not taking photos in the middle of the day, because the light will be too hard. But below photo was taking exactly in the noon, when sun light "draws" a sharp shadow of the leaves on the wood door.

3. Find the curve

Sometimes when I find the leaves to be a little boring and flat, I will look for curves to make the photo look more interesting and spatial.

4. Find the tone

Another trick I usually use when taking photos for flowers and leaves, is to "divert the attention" by finding a tone that will attract the eyes. Like in below photo. This bunch of dried roses is hung by the glass window. The yellow petal of the roses and the blue light of the sky makes a very harmonious cold and warm tones.

5. Find the subject

When taking photos for flowers, it is easy to be attracted by various forms and colors of flowers, and forget the subject of the picture. So most of the time I will remind myself to do subtraction and always focus on the flower that best reflects the subject of the shot.

6. Find the difference

Most of the people will walk past a wall of ivy without noticing these 2 very small red leaves among all the green colors. To me they look like a message that tells everyone autumn is coming.

7. Find the angle

When I was standing right in front of the window, I saw only people, streets and buildings. But when I go a little bit to the left, I saw this lively hibiscus flower hanging on the side of the window and the sunlight shines perfectly through.